• Active in the local and in the international television market, specializing in all of the various business aspects of the Telenovela genre - production (in Argentina and in Israel), distribution, ownership, worldwide TV Channels operating and commercialization of by products

  • Content services (SMS and IVR) for cellular networks
  • Development, operating and marketing of cellular content
  • An objective Internet site for tourism – one of a kind in Israel
  • Web based dating services
  • Marketing of Israeli and International channels like MTV, VH1, MTV Extra, MTV Base, VH1 Classic, CNN and Viva
  • Internet site for kids
Internet Companies:
  • Develops and operates innovative advertising media, together with marketing its own proprietary product, AdNet; owns and operates digital outdoor screens and Indoor Screens
  • Commercial services for international communication corporations like CNN, MTV and more
Advertising Companies:
  • Licensing for merchandising and branding initiatives
  • Brand based merchandising and manufacturing, Character retailing

Welcome to the world of Mapal Communications Ltd.
Mapal Communications is proud to offer an eclectic, yet synergetic, array of innovative media services that provide the users with advanced solutions designed to meet their communication needs.
At the click of the mouse, you can explore the diverse and dynamic companies associated with the Mapal Communications Group, all of which offer a host of unprecedented opportunities for enhancing your business activities and expanding your market.

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